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Friday, June 5, 2020

Sponsor a AOTC (Attack of Da-Chief) Netcast/Podcast for 1/2 Price!

25 June 2009 Some of our users have inquired on how to Sponsor a Netcast/Podcast. It’s EASY! Usually sponsoring a show costs $50.00 per show.  But for now, beggars can’t be choosers.. 😉 For this week only if you wish to sponsor a show, and you donate $25.00 to our site, You will get a […]

AOTC #67 Final, “What Season is this?”

We recorded AOTC #67 this AM.  It went off without a hitch! If you listen to the whole thing, I actually kept the after conversation between 8404 and myself as well. Remember our new time for Taping is on Sundays @ 1115 EST.  You can download the recording usually on Monday or late Sunday Night. […]

Stephen Colbert in IRAQ last week supporting the Troops!! BZ!!

Awesome!! Tweet

AOTC #66 The First Bionic Podcast…

Due to Gremlins (I.e My Kids) the episode will be released a day late. For this we apologize.  To say the show went up in smoke last night is a understatement. AOTC #66 Podcast, A netcast barely alive Gentlemen we can rebuild it.. We have the Technology.. We have the capability to make the world’s  […]

Microsoft Xbox360 E3 Press Conference Video 01 June 2009 AWESOMNESS

Drooling.. Really Really Drooling, Enjoy! D/C Tweet

AOTC #64 “Mea-Culpa”

Note: The Show was taped last night 21 May 2009.  I will be uploading the Netcast up this PM.  We had issues with USTREAM and will be going back to STICKAM next week on Wednesday night.–D/C I am posting the links of the stories we will be going over tonight ahead of time for our […]

UPDATE: No AOTC This week Either!!

There will be no “ATTACK OF DA-CHIEF” this week.  My daughter is having her first communion (Roman Catholic Ceremony), this weekend, and we are having guests over from out of town. As you can imagine, the Admiral has me high-stepping all over the house.  Field Day is the word of the day for the next […]

Stand By Me…. (Thanks Milblogging)

April 21, 2009 by  
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I want to thank Milblogging for this Video, he tweeted about it to us.. (Follow Milblogging on Twitter @ twitter.com/milblogging Truly Inspirational.. Enjoy! Tweet

AOTC #61– Hope you like Chicago until Ocotober–Final

AOTC #61 was taped live last night (15 April 2009) and other then the camera lense being wonky (Which you won’t notice on the audio version!), This had to be our “BEST” show yet! Tonight’s episodes topics: Upcoming Auction to support Corpsman.com, The Auction will be held in the Summer.  This will be a Annual […]

Need Commissioning Info? AOTC #58 Tonight has your answers!

Join us on “Attack of Da-Chief” Episode #58 Tonight we will be discussing “Commissioning Programs”. I used to give Commissioning program classes to students at NCHS. Several that I started along the way have since been commissioned as Naval Officers or Marine Corps Officers. Bring your questions we will try to answer them all. Goto: […]

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