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Sunday, April 21, 2024

SecDef calls for Congress to mandate that Guard, Reserves have lead in DoD ops in the homeland

This is from the Navytimes.  Things are changing my friends. How long will TAR/FTS Sailors be relevant? Interesting read… Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates took a giant step Monday toward more tightly blending the active-duty military and reserve components into an “integrated total force,” calling for wide-ranging personnel policy changes, codifying the reserves’ homeland defense […]

Airmen Don’t like Needles.. They are Girly Men…

Airmen most likely to faint under the needle Feeling woozy after your latest round of immunization shots? Then you’re probably a male airman. Ten years of records showed that 2,612 service members passed out cold — and fell down — after a nurse slowly inserted a thin half-inch of steel into their biceps or buttocks. […]

Iraq: U.S. Fighters to be Disarmed???

WTF?? If this is what is going to happen, it is time to get our folks out of that god forsaken crap hole ASAP.  I don’t want any of our folks there if they cannot fire back or carry a weapon. From the AP, Read Below: BAGHDAD — Iraq’s government is grateful to U.S.-allied Sunni […]

Tsk tsk tsk.. And they want to be treated as adults….

Military motorcyclists arrested going 140mph BAY MINETTE, Ala. — It appears that a group of motorcycle riders — many of them service members — didn’t get the memo about obeying traffic laws. Alabama state troopers said 12 cyclists were arrested after they were clocked at speeds of over 140 miles per hour on Interstate 10. […]

Have you locked down your Network Connection?

There is a great article in the San Francisco Chronicle, about; “WARDRIVING” For those of you who don’t understand the term, picture folks cruising your neighberhoods looking for open wireless network connections so they can leech off of your connection. This can slow down your system, but worse if they get in, and you do […]

CALLING ALL ARMY MEDIC’s!! 68W’s, Air Force Medics, Coast Guard Corpsman & Interntaional Doc’s

Come on in and join the Corpsman.com Fold. Myth:  We are a site only for Navy Corpsman. Fact:   We are a site for “ALL” Enlisted Doc’s from all U.S. Services. Myth: We don’t like Medic’s from other Nations, I.e Brit’s, Aussies, Frenchies, etc.. FACT:  We do indeed want Medic’s from all Nations to join our […]

2 Top Air Force Positions “YOUR FIRED”.

June 5, 2008 by  
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Wow!! 2 for the price of “1”!!  D/C Top two Air Force officials resigning NBC: Secretary refused to fire chief of staff so both are forced out WASHINGTON – The nation’s top two Air Force officials are resigning, and military sources told NBC News Thursday that they were being forced out. At the White House, […]

Medical technician in war can’t get licensed in Wisconsin

Nicole Moore holds a girl who she had as a patient while in Afghanistan. The girl had fallen on a piece of metal and it went through her eye. Moore, who is from Poynette, said she grew close to her and was happy to see her discharged from the hospital in good shape. She remembers […]

SECDEF Cuts Air Force Pilot Training due to budget cuts

From: http://militarymotivator.blogspot.com/ Tweet

VA Announces SGLI and VGLI Premium Reductions

Change Makes Programs More Affordable WASHINGTON – Veterans and military personnel with life insurance policies managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will see a reduction in their premiums, thanks to improved investment earnings and a reduction in non-combat claims. The premium cuts affect military personnel covered by Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) and […]

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