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Friday, August 19, 2022

Looks Like I struck a Nerve with the HM3 FTS community..”GOOD”

Here is the email I recieved.. I will block the name as… It was sent direct to me.  Kudo’s to him for starting this conversation, he has “GUMPTION” not smart’s but Gumption.. I will post his email then I will post my response.. Da-Chief, Not to sound rude, and correct me if i’m wrong, but […]

Active Duty and FTS Advancement Quota’s Released

Well The numbers are down for this cycle.  But the good news is the HM rating is not as bad as others out there. Here they are: Active Duty Numbers: HM3 Test Passers Adv Quota Adv Opportunity Opp. Last Cycle 3,818 980 25.67% 26.21% HM2 Test Passers Adv Quota Adv Opportunity Opp. Last Cycle 4,260 […]


You had better learn this, I am sure it will be a part of SOY/SOQ/BJOY/BJOQ boards in the near future.. I will post the Ethos first and the message below. THE NAVY ETHOS: — WE ARE THE UNITED STATES NAVY, OUR NATION’S SEA POWER – READY GUARDIANS OF PEACE, VICTORIOUS IN WAR. — WE ARE […]

Army SNCO Advance Numbers for November 2008

The November promotion plan released in mid-Octo­ber will complete the 2007 sergeant major list, clearing the way for promotions to begin on the 2008 roster in December. All total, there will be 6,183 promotions Nov. 1, which is about 1,600 fewer than October, but still the second-highest monthly total this year. The November promotion plan […]

Active Duty Jan/March Bibs for 2009

Shipmates, here they are.  The Bibliographies for E7/CPO for the HM Rating for January, and the E-4,5,6 Bibs for the March exams for 2009. I don’t have the makeup Bibs as of yet. Good Luck, study now, don’t wait. Da-Chief Bibs are below: E7/CPO HM for January 2009: january-2009-regular-exam-e7 E-6 HM for March 2009: march-2009-regular-exam-e6 […]

Bib’s for Reservists Feb 2009

All, Here are all the Bibs for the United States Navy Reserves. Now is the time to study, “DON’T WAIT!” Most of the time, Reserve Scores are “PATHETIC”. I can say this I spent 24 years taking care of you all as a FTS/TAR HM. Take the time to study, I promise you if you […]

PRP Changes, You had better be educated!

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) — A NAVADMIN released Sept. 29 emphasized the Navy’s exceptional progress in attaining a culture of fitness and announces several policy revisions to strengthen the Navy Physical Readiness Program(PRP). “Navy Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) failures have decreased more than 50 percent over the past four years. We’re really seeing a change in […]

CPO’s are Born Today!!

I was privileged today to attend the pinning ceremony of our newest Chief Petty Officers for the Naval Station Great Lakes. Out of 39 who were pinned, 11 were newly minted “HMC’s”. I wish to congratulate all the New Chief Petty Officers and list the HMC’s who were pinned; HMC(SW/AW) Julie Arp HMC(FMF) Donald Dumas […]

Ok Chief Results are out, time to look on to other advancement’s

Are you up for E-4, E-5, E-6? Are you a Reservist? Or Are you Active Duty Navy? If your a Reservist, then this might be a little late in the game, and I hope you had the foresight to be ready for your August Drill and are fully prepared for your Advancement Exam. Odd’s are […]

US Army Enlisted Cutoff Scores for August 2008.

Congrats on those who are being promoted. Word 1997-2003 File is here: army-august-cutoff-scores Word 2007 file is here: army-august-cutoff-scores Once again Congrats! Tweet

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